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TODAY, March 28th – Please join us at the appreciation dinner for Pastor Duane and Karla at the Dodge Community Hall following the service at St. Paul. The meal is being catered and will begin being served at approximately noon CT. The service at Golgotha begins at 9:30 am CT and at St. Paul at 11:00 am CT. The Sunday School children will be singing at Golgotha. A vote will also take place in each church whether or not to issue a call to Pastor Charles Knapp. A 2/3 majority in each church is needed to pass.


If anyone would like to correspond with the Olson’s their new addresses are as follows:

Tom & Beth Olson and family, 306 Grand Avenue, Enderlin ND 58027

If anyone has any church news that they would like published on our website, please let us know.  Either by phone, or email.



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